Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bloggerboy, and all other "bloggers"

Hey Kids. I got something to jar on. On Morons.org, there's this bub who goes around posting about several items, and posts a shitload of links, and two sentences involving what he thinks.

His nick is Blogger with a really long list of numbers, so I just call him BloggerBoy.

But Bloggerboy, you ain't no blogger.

To be a blogger, you must present. You must present your arguments in a reasonable manner. Don't let your sources talk for you. Sources are there to back you up, not for you to rip off.
It was slightly irritating when you attacked our journals, but now you're really pissing people off in the forums. They're not meant to be your goddamn toilet.

This is the Typical Bloggerboy post:






"What do I think of this?"

I think stupid site is stupid.

It's stupid because it's mean.

-- ** -- END OF POST MOCKING --**--


Forums are there for people to argue about things, or to learn about shit. When all you post is post links and say two sentences, what do you want us to do?


Thank you.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Space ain't Your Space

It's been a while. I guess I should talk about Myspace.

Apparantely, there's this stupid ass piece of shit out there where Emos come out and think it's cool.
Myspace appears to have the average intelligence of Livejournal, which is essentially "OMG I R TEH COOL JESSE RULES FUK U" all over the average page.

Murdoch recently bought it. That sickens me. I'm an Orkut person myself. Anyone want an invite, hollaback....UGGH! I mean Post a comment.

Myspace propagates stupidity. Anyone who looks at the average comment on Myspace can verify this.

Now, what will I do to play with the game? I got it.

This may or may not have been attempted, but I am going to create a MYspace Whore. Literally, this person will be joining every group imaginable, have the IQ of the average AOLer, and otherwise piss people off.

I'll let you know when he/she's ready....Maybe I'll make it a S/he...........

Monday, October 10, 2005


What's the point behind Lyndon Larouche? I don't understand it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Petition to end Petitoners

I got accosted a few days ago by petitioners wanting me to...well...sign petitons.

You know, it's one thing to set up a desk out in the open and ask for peitions, but to go up to people who are chatting, eating, or are otherwise busy, and have them sign your goddamn petition is totally bogus.

That being said, Here are some things you can do:

1. You can't sign a petition if you're not registered to vote, so just say you're not registered to vote.
2. If they push it, say you are registered to vote, just not in your county.
3. Talk in a foreign language. If you don't know any, just make one up.

It's a good thing to sign petitions, but remember, petitions are nothing. You have to go to the source and yell at them.
A petition isn't going to solve anything. It's just a tool.

If you're a petitoner, let people come to you. Don't go into other people's personal spaces. It makes me automatically think NOT to sign your damn thing anyway.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Doom's Doom

I was driving down a street today, when I happened to catch a billboard's advertisement. The moment I saw it, however, my heart sank to the depths.

It was an advertisement for Doom: The Movie.

That's right! Doom, the bloodthirsty game where people open portals to Hell and somehow, one guy manages to save the planet of Mars. Now it's getting its own fucking movie.

This is the worst decision Id Software has ever made with the Doom series. I can tell you this right now:

Like every video game movie before it, Doom will be an embarrassment to the VG community. Hell, Doom has one of the lousiest plots in game history. Good violence and graphics, yes, but plot stinks! There is no chance of Doom getting a good spot of popularity. Final Fantasy had the best chance of all VG movies to make it, and EVEN IT FAILED!

Id software was never good at telling a story. Look at Quake. Oh, a big monster is somewhere, and we need to get runes to kill it. Quake 3 Arena, the first multiplayer online game I ever played? Oh wow, we have to fight in an arena. Wowzers.

Id has its good stuff. Wolfenstein 3D is a classic, but Id needs to stay where they belong: In GAMING.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My point in political space - Where do I stand

It has come to my mind I should comment on where exactly I stand in the political spectrum. I'm not exactly a liberal, but I am no conservative. Perhaps this will help you locate where I am.

The following are my stands on various issues. I will edit them as needed.

1. Abortion
I detest the idea of an abortion. I wonder why anyone who wouldn't be in mortal danger should they give birth would terminate a living thing. By the way, I believe life begins at the Fetus level. However, I believe that the government has no right to restrict the practice, as it your right to have the pregnancy or not. Aside from that, you will never stop abortions. There's always going to be some doctor somewhere willing to do it. So why not just make it OK? That way, doctors can be trained legitimately, and there will be no need for "Back Alley Abortions."

2. The 1st Amendment.
This'll be a fun one. I totally believe in the 1st amendment. There was a good reason the words "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech" were put into the Bill of Rights. I fully support the right to express your religion in whatever way you wish, so long as it's non-violent. But, there is an exception. The Government of the United States must be a secular government for the reason that there are people of multitude faiths, and many religions, many people. Therefore, it must show neutrality in order for everyone to feel fair and secure. If the Capitol put a tablet on Government property saying "Satan is lord," christians everywhere would rally in anger, because they feel like the Government is unfairly leaning toward satanism over any other religion. And I would agree.

On Free speech, I advocate any speech that is not libelous/slanderous. I am anti-government censorship. If you have a problem with someting, deal with it yourself. The government is not your babysitter.

3. Gun Control
   I do not like the idea of restraining guns. The 2nd amendment clearly states we have a right to them. However, I feel we should know who has a gun, and what their history is. I don't like the idea of handing out a gun to someone who's been convicted of a felony (Neither does the NRA, I believe) nor someone labeled a danger to themselves and/or others by a judge or doctor, or other reasonable person.

More is on the way.

Opera VS. Firefox, round 1: Free Opera

Opera, a web browser, has decided to make its program full featured and ad-free. Before, you could get the full version of Opera for free, but with ads.

On their website, Opera is vague about why they made the browser ad-free. "Opera's growth, due to tremendous worldwide customer support, has made today's milestone an achievable goal. " Says the site. This may be the case, but I feel there is a bigger reason why Opera made the program ad-free:

They want to compete with Firefox.

Mozilla's Firefox browser is based off of the MoZilla Browser, but without all the frills of the entire system. Currently, it holds the most-widely used browser (With the exception of Internet Explorer, which eats up approxamately 80% of the market.) Naturally, Opera wants some action too, but nobody would use a browser with ads in it. So, the only reasonable thing to do is to make it free.

The last time I used Opera was in 2002. What I recall was a very clunky browser with sometimes confusing configurations. I remember going back to I.E a few months later, and then switching to Mozilla in December. I joined up with Firefox in 2003. Opera will need to fix the clunks in the system, if they have not done so already. I don't think people will enjoy downloading the Opera browser, only to realize they needed the one with JRE support.

This was a good decision on Opera's part. Most people usually don't pay for premium versions of anything, unless software restrictions mandate it. This will get Opera a big piece of the browser E-pie, but whether or not it presents a threat to Firefox remains to be seen.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Post a comment for a noble cause

A Livejournal User by the name of Tony Hellmann has taken a great challenge upon himself.

Hellmann is an up-and-coming author who is about to publish a new book called
Coming out straight, a novel that inquires what it would be like if straight people were the minority, and gays the majority. He is accepting pre-orders.

Hellmann intends to make a donation of one dollar for each person that comments on his livejournal. "I donated $20 to the American Red Cross the day after the levees broke. I didn't feel like it was enough, and I have coworkers that feel bad because they can't afford to send $10." said Hellman in his entry, "I've decided to do something about it, for those that feel bad that money in their wallets is outpaced by the sympathy in their hearts." Hellmann will keep up this offer until Sunday, the 18th.

On his livejournal, he explains how you can help contribute to his cause:
I've decided to send a dollar to the American Red Cross for every person that leaves a comment to this entry by next Sunday. I'll also send two dollars for every literary agent or person with a published novel who leaves a comment, because you folks have fans/large readerships, and fans like to participate with the objects of their attention. To the same effect, I'll donate $10 if your last name is Nielsen-Hayden or Scalzi. :)

John Scalzi, an author of fiction, was the first to post on the journal entry.

In an email, Hellmann informed me that he was astounded at the amount of comments he recieved. "I honestly expected 1000 comments total, not 1000 in the first 12 hours," he said. As of the time of this writing, Hellmann has recieved over 1410 comments in his entry. Excluding writers (as well as Scalzi,) That comes to $1410 in a donation, and this is only the first day. He also further clarified why he is doing such a great act: "This donation makes people who feel helpless (and guilty about it) feel better, because they can say they did *something* to help, even if they are broke."

The inevitable question that arose was "Will he be able to cover the donation?" Hellmann has repeatedly told people not to worry about the money, nor the amount that he may potentially have to donate. He also informed me that he has raised a good deal of money in his lifetime, "..I'm determined to raise the money to make this work..." he said.

So, fellow readers, I ask that you go to Tony's journal and post a comment. Anonymous posting is permitted, so people without LJ accounts will also be able to post comments. If you are affiliated with a corporation, then Click here. I also implore you to spread the word of this, such that this becomes a national phonomenon. Tony, I wish you all the luck in the world in making this work.