Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Exorcism "priest" sentenced to 2.5 years for killing autistic child

Last month, I did an article on Ray Hemphill, who was a pastor at The Faith
Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith of Milwaukee, WI.
Hemphill and the parents of Terrance Cottrell Jr. Had the
bright idea that their Terrance's autism was caused by demons.
Hence, they had Hemphill decide to exorcise the poor child,
who in the process died from suffocation.

Almost one year ago was when this all started, As a
reader-submitted article
here shows as it initially began
in August 2003. My article described the decree that Hemphill
was guilty, and now, I finish this year long debacle of
Wisconsin and with the wonderful relishness of
informing me that Hemphill, for his crime of killing a
child, was sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment, and 7.5 years
supervision, with a $1,200 restitution to the couple.

Seriously, people! What in hell's name is going on? Only
2.5 years imprisonment? People in Kansas have been sentenced
to 17 YEARS for giving a blowjob to a male! How dare this
man's sentence be so light for killing a child? The maximum
sentence was 10 years imprisonment and a $25,000 fine. I think
that's not good enough! I think his parents ought to be held
accountable for allowing this travesty. I think the government
should get one for not helping out when she asked for help for
Terrance's Autism. And where's James Dobson? The man's a
psychologist! I wonder what he'll say. Lazerface01,
who wrote two articles regarding this travesty, describes his
opinion on the fact that although the death was a homicide, it
was only labeled as child abuse:

It's a horrible crime, but it only carries a
sentence of up to 10 years and a fine up to $25,000. If the
death was ruled a homicide, why not murder? Why not a chance
at a life sentence? If we're lucky he'll get the maximum
sentence and when he gets out he will have quite a few good
years left to abuse more children in faith healing

If you're reading this, Lazerface01, You've got a friend who's
just as pissed off as you.

This is the end result of what could happen with Christian
"Science" and other BS. This man should be imprisoned for life
for what he did. Terrance's parents should be ashamed of
themselves for acting so idiotic, and people need to spread
the gospel of REAL MEDICINE. We need to not treat people by
the basis of religion anymore, be it a rapist who kissed up to
God, or a Pastor (Who was untrained to begin with.) If we can
sentence gays to 17 years in a region where they could have
gotten less if they weren't, we should also expect to be light
on the other end of the spectrum. Thank you, Judicial
Activism, thank you, government, for having Christianity as
the unofficial official religion, and thank you, Ray Hemphill,
for demonstrating what the Power of Christ can really do in
the wrong hands.