Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Austrailian court seals Kazaa's doom

A federal court in Australia has ordered Sharman Networks,
creators of Kazaa, to filter out copyrighted material.

According to the article,
The court ordered that Kazaa
must filter out any offending material within a certain time
period, or face its destruction. Judge Murray Wilcox in his
judgement said that he user who makes the file available and
the user who downloads a copy both infringe copyright.

Wait, wouldn't that mean that the USERS of a P2P network
are responsible, and NOT THE P2P itself?

Sadly, not in the eyes of RIAA, and its counterparts across
the globe. I can write a whole blog on why the RIAA and
Company are a bunch of morons who don't care about artists,
and only about their pennies, but that's for another day.

However, this does inform us of the grim news that P2P is
very close to being obliterated. However, all is not lost.
Here are some ways to share your files (Non-copyright, of
course... ;))

A number of people have been setting up what is known as a
Friend-to-friend, or F2F system, which is essentially a P2P
system, only access is only given to those a group trusts. In
other words, it's a private P2P network. Another alternative
is to use a P2P system that uses encryption, such as
Filetopia. Although not as well-known as Kazaa, it does provide a bit
more security.

For even more info, I recommend Steal this File Sharing Book, by Wallace Wang. It contains much more information about P2P in general, as well as other various clients you can play with. One thing is for certain,
however, and that's the fact that you shouldn't even be
playing around Kazaa anyway, be it RIAA, spyware, or the
stupidity of the system when there is much better networks


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