Wednesday, September 07, 2005

FEMA in need of geography lesson!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency gave only 30 minutes warning to Charleston International Airport in South Carolina that a plane carrying at least 180 evacuees from Katrina's wrath would be landing. Charleston stood at the ready, and the plane landed in Charleston...West Virginia, that is.

"They responded within 30 minutes, which is phenomenal, to meet the needs of the citizens coming in from Louisiana," said Director of Public Health for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Dr. John Simkovich, "Unfortunately, the plane did not come in."

Indeed, the plane landed in Charleston, but West Virginia's Charleston.

What does this say about our government's emergency force? With all the stupidity and mistakes FEMA's already performed, chalking another up only furthers the anger. Maybe FEMA shouldn't be so arrogant about giving aid, as now they are the problem causers, and not the solution. Refugees fron New Orleans and other areas hit badly by Katrina should feel offended at the way the Government is treating them. Heck, A Google search as of 9/7/05 at 10:32 a.m makes it appear that every other news search result on FEMA, at lease the first page, is negative. FEMA is screwed up and everyone knows it...except for FEMA, of course.


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