Wednesday, September 07, 2005

FIRE FEMA DIRECTOR: Groups call for Brown's firing

Groups of people are now advocating for the Bush Administration to remove Federal Emegency Management Agency Director Michael Brown from his position.
"The failure of FEMA was a failure of leadership," Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md) said Tuesday. "It's time for Michael Brown to leave FEMA, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Let's bring in someone who is a professional at emergency management."

Another senator, Ken Salazar, also wants Bush to fire Brown for his messing up.

And What will President Bush do about this entire situation, other then tell "Brownie" he did "A heck of a job?" Why, Start up an investigation on why FEMA stinks. Uhh, Bush, I think you may want to give Brownie a second opinion. After all, A director always goes down with his Agency...I mean Ship!

Hillary Clinton is calling for a commission similar to the 9/11 Commission, only get this...It'll be called "The Katrina Commission."
Potential X-Filesque TV show names aside, Clinton describes what the commission would do:
"The Katrina Commission would be charged with providing a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of what could and should have been done to avoid the extraordinary damage, the loss of life, the evacuation problems and the inadequate relief efforts,"
In other words, who to blame, and what they could have done better. Personally, I think they'd save a ton more money by paying little kids to point fingers at random people working at FEMA and saying "He/She Did it!" It would essentially do the same thing as the commission.

It's time for Michael Brown to say goodbye. Maybe he can get his job back at the International Arabian Horse Association, which according to the Denver News article cited, he worked at for nine years, but According to World Net Daily, he worked there for 11 years. Who's right? Who cares. The one thing to care about is to get Brown's Butt out of office, and put somoene better into the action. Contrary to Rove's belief, there are very valid reasons for "changing a horse in midstream." "The President must appoint an experienced, professional emergency manager to be the FEMA Director. The FEMA Director must be a non-partisan position that should go only to someone with a long and distinguished career as a professional emergency manager. Said Senator Mikulski. In my opinion, this is the only way to go, without any form of bias whatsoever, and someone who could actually DO HIS/HER JOB RIGHT.


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