Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My point in political space - Where do I stand

It has come to my mind I should comment on where exactly I stand in the political spectrum. I'm not exactly a liberal, but I am no conservative. Perhaps this will help you locate where I am.

The following are my stands on various issues. I will edit them as needed.

1. Abortion
I detest the idea of an abortion. I wonder why anyone who wouldn't be in mortal danger should they give birth would terminate a living thing. By the way, I believe life begins at the Fetus level. However, I believe that the government has no right to restrict the practice, as it your right to have the pregnancy or not. Aside from that, you will never stop abortions. There's always going to be some doctor somewhere willing to do it. So why not just make it OK? That way, doctors can be trained legitimately, and there will be no need for "Back Alley Abortions."

2. The 1st Amendment.
This'll be a fun one. I totally believe in the 1st amendment. There was a good reason the words "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech" were put into the Bill of Rights. I fully support the right to express your religion in whatever way you wish, so long as it's non-violent. But, there is an exception. The Government of the United States must be a secular government for the reason that there are people of multitude faiths, and many religions, many people. Therefore, it must show neutrality in order for everyone to feel fair and secure. If the Capitol put a tablet on Government property saying "Satan is lord," christians everywhere would rally in anger, because they feel like the Government is unfairly leaning toward satanism over any other religion. And I would agree.

On Free speech, I advocate any speech that is not libelous/slanderous. I am anti-government censorship. If you have a problem with someting, deal with it yourself. The government is not your babysitter.

3. Gun Control
   I do not like the idea of restraining guns. The 2nd amendment clearly states we have a right to them. However, I feel we should know who has a gun, and what their history is. I don't like the idea of handing out a gun to someone who's been convicted of a felony (Neither does the NRA, I believe) nor someone labeled a danger to themselves and/or others by a judge or doctor, or other reasonable person.

More is on the way.


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