Thursday, September 08, 2005

News Corp buys IGN, Another victim goes down

News Corp, the company that owns such wonderful things as 20th Century Fox, as well as just recently, Myspace, has just aquired the gaming network IGN for $650 million Thursday.

News Corp leader Rupert Murdoch said that this aquisition was one of many in order to become a “leading and profitable Internet presence.” This is justified by facts that say that trends are moving advertising to the internet. So it would be a good idea to get a hand on independent web sites.

However, Murdoch is verifying the movie "Outfoxed", a movie on how he is taking over independent journalism by attempting to buy it all up. He was also rumored to have offered $3 Billion to Skype for its purchase. Skype is currently rumored to be talking to Ebay about a purchase. Good luck getting away from Murdoch.

It's obvious that Murdoch is trying to secure a foothold in the Internet by buying everything he can. The problem is, when he buys up everything, improbable or not, where will we turn to for independent entertainment? Certainly not Myspace, that's for sure. And Now, Gamespy, being part of IGN, is a News Corp slave. People need to have different places to be, and having only one person to turn to online makes life complicated, as they could essentially do whatever they pleased, be it price-wise, or player-wise, even person-wise on other websites that could be gotten.

If you are the owner of a decently popular website, or even a popular website, if you appreciate your website at all, never give in to an offer to a conglomerate. Sure, Myspace is fine now, but the operative word is Now, when the word to be worried about is Later....


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