Monday, September 12, 2005

Post a comment for a noble cause

A Livejournal User by the name of Tony Hellmann has taken a great challenge upon himself.

Hellmann is an up-and-coming author who is about to publish a new book called
Coming out straight, a novel that inquires what it would be like if straight people were the minority, and gays the majority. He is accepting pre-orders.

Hellmann intends to make a donation of one dollar for each person that comments on his livejournal. "I donated $20 to the American Red Cross the day after the levees broke. I didn't feel like it was enough, and I have coworkers that feel bad because they can't afford to send $10." said Hellman in his entry, "I've decided to do something about it, for those that feel bad that money in their wallets is outpaced by the sympathy in their hearts." Hellmann will keep up this offer until Sunday, the 18th.

On his livejournal, he explains how you can help contribute to his cause:
I've decided to send a dollar to the American Red Cross for every person that leaves a comment to this entry by next Sunday. I'll also send two dollars for every literary agent or person with a published novel who leaves a comment, because you folks have fans/large readerships, and fans like to participate with the objects of their attention. To the same effect, I'll donate $10 if your last name is Nielsen-Hayden or Scalzi. :)

John Scalzi, an author of fiction, was the first to post on the journal entry.

In an email, Hellmann informed me that he was astounded at the amount of comments he recieved. "I honestly expected 1000 comments total, not 1000 in the first 12 hours," he said. As of the time of this writing, Hellmann has recieved over 1410 comments in his entry. Excluding writers (as well as Scalzi,) That comes to $1410 in a donation, and this is only the first day. He also further clarified why he is doing such a great act: "This donation makes people who feel helpless (and guilty about it) feel better, because they can say they did *something* to help, even if they are broke."

The inevitable question that arose was "Will he be able to cover the donation?" Hellmann has repeatedly told people not to worry about the money, nor the amount that he may potentially have to donate. He also informed me that he has raised a good deal of money in his lifetime, "..I'm determined to raise the money to make this work..." he said.

So, fellow readers, I ask that you go to Tony's journal and post a comment. Anonymous posting is permitted, so people without LJ accounts will also be able to post comments. If you are affiliated with a corporation, then Click here. I also implore you to spread the word of this, such that this becomes a national phonomenon. Tony, I wish you all the luck in the world in making this work.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Damian, the Left-Hand Player said...

Been there, done that.

By the way, your link to your other journal here is STILL broken.


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