Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Space ain't Your Space

It's been a while. I guess I should talk about Myspace.

Apparantely, there's this stupid ass piece of shit out there where Emos come out and think it's cool.
Myspace appears to have the average intelligence of Livejournal, which is essentially "OMG I R TEH COOL JESSE RULES FUK U" all over the average page.

Murdoch recently bought it. That sickens me. I'm an Orkut person myself. Anyone want an invite, hollaback....UGGH! I mean Post a comment.

Myspace propagates stupidity. Anyone who looks at the average comment on Myspace can verify this.

Now, what will I do to play with the game? I got it.

This may or may not have been attempted, but I am going to create a MYspace Whore. Literally, this person will be joining every group imaginable, have the IQ of the average AOLer, and otherwise piss people off.

I'll let you know when he/she's ready....Maybe I'll make it a S/he...........


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